The Counselors Toolkit

Thank you for your help with the Fast Pass program!

This site contains some resources that will hopefully assist you with student and family questions. Please contact if you have any questions or would like additional resources added. Thank you for all you do!

Fast Pass Website video for the counselors

Fast Pass Website explainer video

If your students have questions

Please direct students to the Fast Pass website at They should find answers there. If not, please have them email Below are some questions students may ask:

  1. If I did not receive or lost my letter, what do I do or who do I contact?
    If students did not receive their letters, direct them to the UH Kuali form to fill out and declare their eligibility. (*Only students who feel they qualify for the program and did not receive/lost their letters should complete the Kuali form.)
    1. The Kuali form will be automatically shared with the campus(es) that the student chooses.
    2. Representatives from the campus(es) will be watching for student applications and use their submitted applications to determine eligibility for the program.
    3. Students can contact someone directly by email at

  2. I think I qualify to apply for Fast Pass, but I am not sure.
    Direct your students to the Eligibility pages, which will clarify any of their qualification questions.

  3. I already paid for my application, what do I do?
    Students will get reimbursed after getting the Fast Pass application processed.

  4. If I am attending a community college, do they also waive application fees?
    There are no application fees when applying at a community college.


Below, please print the flyer below so students can scan the QR code to go directly to the website.

Questions for Fast Pass Flyer

students question Flyer
You can have students who have any questions, scan or visit the link on this letter to the website where they can find answers.
Download flyer (PDF)

QR Code Template Labels for Print

QR code to Fast Pass website template labels
Counselors can print out this template on Avery 8160 formatted labels. Each label is a QR code for students to scan to link to the Fast Pass website.
Download Template (PDF)

The following are sample Fast Pass letters that students will receive

Counselorʻs flyer

Counselorʻs Fast Pass Flyer
Download (PDF)

Short social media promo video

text message clip
See short clip (mp4)